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Don’t let yourself become a victim of this crime.

If a thief assumes your identity, it can take about nine months to discover. Not to mention, it can take approximately 300 hours and up to 44 months to correct the associated problems…




Why Choose Us?

  • Child Protection Center helps parents protect their children from Internet predators.
  • Security Freeze prevents a credit reporting agency from releasing your credit report information without your consent.
  • Step-by-step instructions for Establishing Fraud Alerts on your credit profile.
  • Our Identity Theft Experts are available 24/7 to always take your call during an identity theft emergency.
  • Reputation Search scours the Internet searching for any derogatory information about you or your family.


Key Features

A $25,000 no deductible personal insurance policy covers you against a loss incurred through an identity theft incident. The coverage is available to you, your spouse, qualified domestic partner, children under 18, and parents.
This innovative detection and warning system utilizes Privacy Patrol’s proprietary system, to scan hundreds of data sources at various daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly intervals for a specific set of identity theft indicators thoroughly tested through real police and victim experience in past identity theft cases, and extensive ID theft research.
The Privacy Patrol Identity Recovery and Restoration service aids in the recovery process in two ways. We can either assist victims in the resolution process, or completely do it for you! Our identity theft experts are available 24/7 to always take your call during an identity theft emergency.
Lose your wallet or purse? The Privacy Patrol Lost Wallet Service allows you to store critical financial information securely, and contact critical financial centers quickly after a loss to prevent criminals from stealing your money.


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